Schools support healthy kids

Get alert related to your school students health and all medical database is being maintain by school.

Get regular health check-up in school and get health reports in a matter of clicks.

All Students data is store in Cloud based and that is being securely accessible only to authorized person.

Why School Health?

India is a young country with children up to 12 year of age making up to 27% of its population. This young generation is growing up in nuclear families with little or no support, facing new health challenges such as chronic disease obesity and mental health issues. There is no single branded provider of paediatric primary healthcare that cover all common health needs of children including treatment of illness, dental hygiene and care, vision service, nutrition and metal health service.

Privacy & Security for Every Student

Mecura Healthcare Service is a leader in providing technology to allow crucial health data to be accessible and secure for schools, parents and students. We create technology to protect information and power the future of pediatric health.

Our platform provides security that is miles ahead of paper records - including encryption, backups, access logs, inventory management, real-time permissions and alerts. Access our technology report for details on how our platform is designed to keep student health records safe.

These stringent security measures are balanced with policies that make life-saving health information available when it is needed. Working together with administrators, we provide approved teachers and coaches instant mobile access to student allergy, medical condition and prescription data. We also team with public health partners and schools to deliver preventative care, improve vaccination rates and research pediatric disease trends such as asthma rates and concussions. Our data policy summary provides more details.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to power the future of health for the next generation. The Mecura team is working hard to make sure Indian school districts lead the nation in public health, health technology and preventative care.

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